Givz Best Practices

Browse examples of how other brands have positioned their Givz campaigns.

Announcement Email

Givz campaigns work with your existing branding and communication.

Givz Tip

Create a reusable “module” dedicated to your Givz campaign that you can include with additional correspondence while your campaign is live.


Blog announcements are a nice opportunity to express your commitment to improving social issues and can create a sense of community with customers.

Givz Tip

Repurpose content from your blog as “top of mind” assets to be used in social posts.



While your Givz campaign can work in podcast advertisements, it can also serve as content. Maximize the effort by repurposing the transcript of your podcast as a search optimized blog post.

Push Notification

Remain top-of-mind by sending reminder messages mid-campaign and drive final conversions with a “Last Chance” touchpoint.

Social Media

Encourage founders to announce the campaign on their social channels and tag your spotlight charities to encourage them to share on their channels.

Social: Ephemeral Content

Post ephemeral content to stories while your campaign is live.

Social: Post-Donation

Encourage customers to post a campaign-special social asset to their feeds.

Announcement: Digital Ads

Optimize conversions by directing traffic from paid ads to a custom landing page that emphasizes the offer expressed.

Onsite: Banner

Onsite: Pop-up

Onsite: Evergreen Presence

LOLI Beaty created this original gif image that lives on their homepage to educate new visitors about their Shop-to-Givz campaign.

Redemption Email

Create a “redemption” email that reinforces the values of your campaign and make this touchpoint more meaningful with a message from your founders. Try notifying your spotlight charities ahead of time and encourage them to share with their subscribers across social channels.

Branded Redemption Page

Your branded redemption page is another opportunity to reinforce your commitment to social impact and can include a branded image along with campaign-specific copy and spotlight charity selections.

Seamless Donation

The Givz user experience is quick and seamless.