Just as customers vary wildly, so do their preferences to charity types and causes. Your partnership with Givz offers you opportunity to learn and experiment with social holidays to drive fresh content for your community, earn goodwill, drive sales and grow your social footprint (which we track for you!).

Below is a list of social holidays and causes for July that lend favorably to Givz campaigns. 

July Cause Calendar

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July 1 -31

Park and Recreation Month


July 1 -31

Independent Retail Month

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July 1 – 7

Clean Beaches Week

Group 15

July 4

Independence Day


July 12

Malala Day

Group 17

July 29

International Tiger Day


July 30

World Day Against Trafficking in Humans


July 30

International Day of Friendship

July Cause Calendar

July 1 – 31  Park and Recreation Month

July 1 – 31  Independent Retail Month

July 1 – 7  Clean Beaches Week

July 4  Independence Day

July 12  Malala Day

July 29  International Tiger Day

July 30 World Day Against Trafficking in Humans

July 30  International Day of Friendship

Park and Recreation Month

Offer customers charitable dollars back on their purchase to support national parks and recreation areas.

Our state and national parks and natural recreation areas are often neglected or destroyed in our country. July is the month to celebrate these incredibly important resources, which have benefits for promoting physical fitness, community building, mental health, and connection to nature. Research shows people who regularly enjoy outdoor activities have a more positive outlook on life, and children who play outside often perform better in school! So why aren’t we investing in giving people well-rounded, healthy lives? Celebrate Park and Recreation Month by supporting the protection of our natural environment to continue to provide these benefits to future generations! Run a campaign to support Park and Recreation Month.