Givz donations Drive 7x Increase In Customer Engagement For H&M.


With over 6M loyalty members in the US already, H&M wanted to increase purchasing without offering yet another discount. They wanted to activate current loyalty members (and sign up new ones) to purchase $60 or more.


Givz crafted a program where each of these customers would be offered $10 to give to any charity of their choice if they purchased over $60. Unlike a discount or sale, the customer pays full price yet gets something in return, increasing the perceived value of their purchase while retaining full gross margin for H&M.


Emails offering Givz donations had open rates over 30%.

15% of Givz donations email recipients donated funds compared to industry email benchmark of just over 2% conversions from email (Source)

Despite Givz donations driving significantly higher purchase rates, only 15% ultimately redeemed the offer. This is an 85% reduction in cost when compared to discounts which are automatically applied to each purchase.

Spotlight Charities

In addition to the Givz search bar that allows customers to donate to any charity in America, we spotlighted three COVID-19 related charities that H&M felt close to their hearts