LOLI Beauty

Charitable giving incentive to acquire users and grow awareness.

LOLI is an all-natural beauty company and the world’s first zero waste, organic, food-grade approach to beauty. With circular commerce and a sustainable approach, they formulate MADE SAFE-certified, 100% waterless products which are sold in reusable, food-grade, and certified bio-compostable packaging.

True to their brand and ethos, LOLI sought to launch a meaningful customer acquisition campaign to benefit their customers, and the planet.

Spend $150. Get $30 to give.

Customers who spent $150 or more received $30 Givz Cash to support LOLI’s spotlight charities, or the charity of their choice.

Spotlight Charities

Consistent with their mission, LOLI spotlighted reputable Environment charities and welcomed customers to join them in their support to make the future of beauty zero waster, pure and potent.

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The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

New York, NY | 13-2654926

Earth’s Best Defense. NRDC focused on fundamental issues in order to protect the natural systems on which all life depends. Climate Change; Communities; Energy.

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Pure Earth

Temecula, CA | 13-4075779

Pure Earth’s mission is to identify and clean up the poorest communities throughout the developing world where high concentrations of toxins have devastating effects.

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Made in a Free World Inc

San Francisco, CA | 26-2780747

Made In A Free World is a supply chain risk management software provider, powered by the world’s most powerful federated social risk database, empowering corporates, governments, and institutions all over the world to source with social responsibility and comply with multiple forced labor requirements.

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