Sakara Life

Charitable giving incentives for luxury ‘clean meal’ delivery service


Sakara Life wanted a compelling and meaningful incentive to fuel their user acquisition strategy while also highlighting a recent partnership with Feeding America. It was important for Sakara Life to target and convert high-value customers on the basis of shared values.


A Shop-to-Givz campaign that offered customers $30 Givz cash for completing a purchase of $75 or more. Upon completing the purchase, new customers were rewarded Givz Cash to support Sakara Life’s spotlight charities or any U.S. charity of their choice.


Sakara Life reduced CAC by 20%, saw a 19% redemption rate, and was able to support 8 unique charities. With the success of the initial Shop-to-Givz campaign, Sakara Life is now working with Givz to expand the campaign’s scope to fuel its 2020 Winback strategy.

Sakara ran a paid ads campaign that directed traffic to a custom landing page.

See Sakara’s landing page

Eat Clean + Do Good

Given the nature of Sakara Life, providing customers the ability to support charities working to end hunger in the United States was an easy match. We chose one charity national appeal and one local to their HQ in New York City.

See Sakara’s redemption page

Feeding America

Chicago IL | 36-3673599

Feeding America is a nationwide network of 200 food banks who has provided food to more than 46 million people through 60,000 food pantries and meal programs in communities across the United States.

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Food Bank For New York City

New York, NY | 13-3179546

Food Bank For New York City is the cities largest hunger-relief organization and has been working to end food poverty in four of the five boroughs for over 35 years.

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