Responding to COVID-19

As a brand, how are you responding to COVID-19?

While it can be a slippery slope for brands who attempt to respond …. part of our job is to help you navigate this path and we are urging brand partners to run campaigns where end customers receive Givz Cash back to direct to the charities of their choice.

The ability for customers to direct rewards to the charities of choice really is a key differentiator right now as it allows customers to support a local charity that is more relevant to their current situation.

How It Works

It’s best to think of Givz Cash as a reward, these are the applications we see as most relevant right now.

  1. Reward for completing a purchase (product, gift cards)
  2. Reward for promoting an action (social action, user engagement)
  3. Gift reward (gift your customers charitable dollars to allocate on your behalf).

Redemption can take form in a variety of ways and are done most frequently via email post-purchase but other applications can be explored, like QR Codes.

Which Program Is Right For My Brand?

Versus a lump sum donation, Givz programs should always return greater value to your brand while making a comparable (we we would argue greater) social contribution. This is just a high-level overview.

Charity Selections

We’ve curated a list of responsible, high-impact charities that both have a COVID-19 specific program and are recognizable on a national scale to support while each customer is also provided the option to use the Givz search bar and find a local charity that is more relevant to their situation. You can click here to see our charity recommendations. Since we have individual donors completing donations on our platform we as well, we are monitoring charity and donor activity daily and adding the top charities to our list.