Like Facebook, Givz is an essential driver of revenue

Unlike Facebook, Givz enables you to do good while generating that revenue.

Use Facebook boycott budget to sell more while doing good

Levi’s and Patagonia have joined the recent #StopHateforProfit movement; a protest against Facebook’s alleged history of allowing disinformation and incitement of violence on its platform. Companies like Starbucks and Diageo have halted their campaigns on any social media linked with Facebook, platforms where they spent over $100M combined last year. This is a marked shift in how brands interact with their customers, prioritizing a strong relationship built on making socially conscious decisions.

Givz helps you react to a changing world

Brands have become increasingly more inspired to make politically-minded public declarations about their businesses, and doing so in the middle of a global pandemic adds a layer of tension to an already-stressed retail environment. Social activism and social impact are at the forefront for businesses and consumers alike. Consumers are demanding more of the brands that they shop from and brands want to leverage their influence and resources to bring about real change.

Drive sales while doing good

The #StopHateForProfit movement  provides the perfect opportunity for brands to sell more while doing good. How? By launching a Givz-to-Shop campaign that takes the marketing dollars that would have been spent on Facebook advertising and giving it to qualifying customers to donate to any U.S. charity of their choice.

How it works

See how Givz can help you grow your business. We offer a seamless implementation that requires minimal technical effort – you can be live, risk-free, in < 24 hours.

Sell more by doing good

Join the brands who have already partnered with Givz, and redirect FB advertising funds into driving sales by doing good. Your campaign with Givz will improve your marketing ROI, seamlessly integrate charitable giveback sales model as an authentic commitment to social impact, and empower customers to donate newly found money to any charity of their choice.