How We Are Choosing To Respond

How We Are Choosing To Respond

How We Are Choosing To Respond

We are urging our Brand Partners to use the Givz platform (all platform fees waived)
to launch their next marketing campaign to incentivize and reward their customers
with charitable dollars (Givz Cash) to donate to the charities of their choice.

While we have curated a list of responsible, high-impact charities,
the ability for customers to direct charitable dollars to the charities of their choice
really is a key differentiator as it allows customers to support a local charity that is
more relevant to them (i.e. your local food bank, hospital and homeless shelter).

How It Works

It’s best to think of Givz Cash as a reward. Here are the applications we see as most
relevant right now.

  1. Reward for completing a purchase (product, gift cards)
  2. Reward for promoting an action (social action, user engagement)
  3. Gift reward (gift your customers charitable dollars to allocate on your behalf)
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Which Program Is Right For My Brand?

Unlike with a lump sum donation, Givz programs return greater value to your brand
while making a comparable (and we would argue greater) social contribution. Here is
a quick high-level overview:

What Are Some Examples?

To help jumpstart your creative brainstorm, below are a few cases designed to
support COVID-19 relief and response efforts. We are excited to see the creative
campaigns we can develop with our partners and the impact we can make together.


Make any purchase over $100 and receive $25 to give back to any COVID-19
cause you care about most.

Shop-to-Givz Gift Cards

Purchase a $10 gift card for yourself or a friend and receive the full amount back
to give back to any COVID-19 cause you care about most.

Action Reward

Post a photo of yourself holding “X” product and we’ll give you $5 to donate to
any COVID-19 cause you care about most.

Give a Givz Gift

Thank you for being a valued customer, we want to give you $5 to give to the
COVID-19 charity of your choice in these trying times.

Let’s Connect

If you are interested in learning more, email our Head of Strategic Partnerships, Ben,
directly via You can also submit your inquiry using the form below
and we’ll be in touch


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