Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As a reward for making a qualifying transaction, a merchant can offer their consumers the ability to select a charity for the merchant to donate to. After making the qualifying transaction, consumers may get to a Givz-hosted charity selection page in one of two ways: embedded in a donation widget at checkout or provided as a donation credit link through a variety of online or offline channels (e.g. email, SMS, social media, or in-store).

When a consumer makes a purchase or takes some other action that meets the campaign's qualifying conditions, typically for a promotion that is being run, that constitutes a qualifying transaction. Examples of qualifying conditions are:

  • anyone who makes a purchase
  • all consumers who spend over a threshold
  • whenever a consumer purchases a particular product
  • whenever a consumer applies a specific discount (promo) code
  • anyone who takes a specified action offline or on social media

From these qualifying transactions, consumers can earn rewards in the form of a fixed dollar amount, e.g. $10, or a percentage of a purchase value, e.g. 5%.

A merchant determines which charities will be available for their consumers to select - all IRS-registered US charities or only a subset of those charities based on certain limiting factors (e.g. geography or category).

Merchants can also display featured charities that closely align with their brand values to show their consumers which causes they especially care about. 

A merchant may offer one or more of the below charity selection options:

  • Full set of trending charities using Givz Charity Search: the consumer can use the search bar to select any IRS-registered charity in the U.S.
  • Limited set of charities using Givz Charity Search: the consumer can use the search bar to select from a limited subset of charities made available to them by the merchant.
  • Featured charities: typically 3 to 6 charities of a merchant's choosing.

A merchant can combine these options, such as having a Full set of charities & Featured (most common) or Limited set of charities & Featured etc.

A merchant will make a payment to Givz or a donation to a Givz-designated donor-advised fund(s) via Givz. 

The charities selected by consumers will typically receive the entirety of the specified donation amount within 90 days of the donation made by the merchant, but maximum within 12 months from the date of the consumer’s selection, providing that the merchant made the relevant donation. Givz does not deduct any portion from the donation amount. 

If a donation cannot be delivered to a selected charity with reasonable efforts, Givz will reassign the funds to another charity at its discretion. 

One such donor-advised fund partner is PayPal Giving Fund, a grant-giving IRS-registered 501(c)(3) public charity (Federal Tax ID: 45-0931286) that aims to inspire a new wave of philanthropy by making giving part of everyday life. Donations distributed via PayPal Giving Fund are subject to PayPal Giving Fund’s policies and terms of service for donors, including the Donation Delivery Policy.